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Reef ID Books

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SHRIMPS and CRABS from Red Sea to Papua. Field guide for divers and snorkelers

Weird and beautiful crabs, amazing cryptic shrimps, sea spiders and skeletons: it is hard to tear eyes away from these fascinating creatures. Coral reef crustaceans from Red Sea to Papua presents readers with a new approach to field guides, one that educates, entertains and inspires in ways no conventional materials can hope to match.

Produced by collaboration between very experienced diver and photographer and leading scientists, this book covers the region from the Red Sea to Papua New Guinea.

Inside Coral reef crustaceans from Red Sea to Papua:

• More than 820 photographs of 513 species

• About 170 species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books

• Easy access to information, full screen photographs

• Brief information (Common names - Scientific names - Length - Diet - Habitats - Distribution)

• Biodiversity hot spots: Red Sea, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, PNG - seasons, places, tips, recommendations

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